Wig styling gallery

Are you looking to have a wig for a special occasion, or do you wear a wig and need it styled for your wedding as you want to look different but think your synthetic wig cant be styled then we can help.


We have had many bride-to-be and wedding party attendees come to us to change their wig or to by a wig or hairpiece as they feel their hair is thinning or can't hold a style.

Blonde pleat bun
Bridal up
Half up
Long half up
Low bun
Pull back
Red half up

Need a confidence boost?

Need a confidence boost, and are fed up with trying to style your hair that droops in minutes after spending hours with heated rollers and 'dust it' or spending hard earned cash every week going for blowdrys, or maybe you cant dye your hair as your allergic to hair dye, whatever the reason their may be a solution with a hairpiece or wig.

The same can be said for those going on holiday, many ladies are are realising the benefit of taking their hair with them, styled ready to pop on, why waste time at night trying to defrizz your hair after being at the pool, just pop on your wig.


At Parrucche we also offer packages including makeup, wig fitting and styling why not have a look and give us a call.