Parrucche now has a wigbank where you can donate your no longer needed wigs to Parrucche’s Pre-Loved; we wash, condition and rejuvenate them, then sell them from £40 + and will be donating the full proceeds to various charities.

*We post a Pre-loved wig option each Wednesday on our social platforms; Facebook and Instagram*

Parrucche realises there may be various reasons why people may require a good quality wig but cannot afford to pay for or are not entitled to an NHS prescription to obtain one. We hope that by offering a Wig Bank service it will help those people who require a good wig, for a very reasonable price, help other charities and give life back to a pre-loved wig.

**Anyone can also access these wigs or have a box made up by donating a charitable fee such as Colleges,Theatres, Schools etc ..we also donate wigs direct to charities such as Barnardos**

When we hold Wig Bank Days (dates/times will posted on our Facebook & Website) no appointment will be necessary for this service, consultants will be able to provide assistance but not a dedicated one to one consultation, the wigs available will depend on what has been donated so can vary each Wig Bank Day. If you require a Wig Trial Consultation please contact the boutique to book an appointment, please note that one to one Wig Trial Consultations will exclude Pre-Loved Wigs.

To provide this service we need wigs, so don’t bin your old wigs drop them into us! Thank you.