Alopecia Awareness Month!

September is Alopecia Awareness Month and for our friends over at Alopecia UK it’s an extra special one. The charity celebrates its 15th birthday and to celebrate they are having an #AUK15for15 Birthday Bonanza!

As part of their September celebrations, Alopecia UK will be:

- Producing the ‘All About Alopecia’ video series consisting of 15 informative videos

- Running a fundraising and awareness campaign aiming to raise a total of £15,000 by recruiting 100 ‘AUK Birthday Champions’

- Hosting a ‘Live’ 15th Birthday Bash

It has been a challenging year for Alopecia UK, with the cancellation of the vast majority of fundraising activities because of Covid-19. The charity team is hoping that the alopecia community will rally around them this Alopecia Awareness Month.

Alopecia UK’s Operations Manager Amy Johnson explains: ‘Our small charity has made it to 15 years and, if we’re still needed to deliver Support, Awareness and Research, we want to be around for 15 more. We have set a total fundraising target of £15,000 and we are hoping that with the help of our Birthday Champions we can hit that target!’

Throughout September, Alopecia UK will be sharing lots of awareness posts from its social media channels and spreading the word about alopecia, including the psychological impact it can have.

If you would like to become one of Alopecia UK’s 100 Birthday Champions this September, you can sign up here:

We would like to wish Alopecia UK a very happy 15th birthday and wish them all the best with their awareness and fundraising campaign!