Its a bit of an uncertain time with COVID-19 virus being so talked about and everyone trying to deal with this Parrucche we deal with many clients including those that are most vulnerable, so we have detailed below 10 points that hopefully will help all our customers know what we are doing to help still supply wigs through this tough time...but if there are any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch! Thankyou..

1.❤ Booked an Appointment;

Parrucche is continuing business as usual with tightened sanitising procedures, we would advise however if medical treatment is being received to ensure that medical guidance has been taken on social distancing.

2. ❤Visiting us;

As we do deal with vulnerable clients please can we ask that when visiting us only yourself & one other person attend so we can avoid large groups in the boutique at a time.

3.❤Closed Door Policy;

Parrucche has always had controlled door entry, requiring a person knock & a member of staff to open the door before entry & this will continue. Please let staff open & close the door to minimise surface bacteria transference.

4.❤Wig Pick up;

if you are in the vulnerable category & cannot collect your wig, we will allow a family member to collect and sign for you , if you can please call us to advise of this beforehand.*

5.❤Need a Fitting;

If you have your wig but it needs sized/cut/fitted, then we can schedule you in a time that suits at a later date if the COVID-19 prevents you from coming to see us.

6.❤Post Out;

if you’ve had the same style & ordered a repeat?, we can post out ’2nd class signed for’ delivery free of charge.*

7.❤Picture of wig;

if you have a wig ordered in and want it posted but have yet to see it in the colour/style requested, we can send a picture via whatsapp

8.❤Reserved wigs;

if we have ordered in a wig for you previously which is over 2 weeks in reserve, we will be calling to check if this is still needed or can be used for someone else to help free up our stock. Please check your answer machine/missed calls from us number - 0141 552 2270 - as we will need to put wigs back to stock if we haven’t heard back from you.

9.❤Hospital/home visits;

Unfortunately as expected these are suspended for the time being but where possible – including Little Princess Trust customers - we hope the other methods suggested will help, but do call us for more information.

10.❤Prescription Dates;

if you have a prescription with us and is due to expire but you can’t get your wig for any other reason than the suggested methods, please call us and we can extend the time allowed to collect; reviewed on an individual basis.

Help us help you!.. please don’t attend the boutique if having shown any symptoms of the COVID-19 virus and wash your hands/sanitise to keep our staff safe too! ☀️THANKYOU ☀️


* All wigs will be inspected for potential manufacturing faults before sending out, as they are non-returnable for hygiene & sanitary reasons.