Glasgow Business Retail Awards

Glasgow Business Retail Awards

Parrucche were over the moon to receive the Best Hairstylist Award at the Glasgow Business Retail Awards 2019 held at the Glasgow Mariott Hotel!

This award demonstrates that wigs are seen as more than just hair from a box and more as the true form they are...alternative hair .. that can be styled or rejuvinated whether its synthetic or human hair.

All sorts of people are wearing wigs for all sorts of reasons but there is no denying they are becoming more socially acceptable & the increase in demand for better cap constructions, current styles & trending colours have meant manufacturers have stepped up their game to meet peoples needs.

For us better hair quality, synthetic, heat resistant synthetic, synthetic/human hair blends & human hair have meant more choice of styles for our customers & more ease of hairstyling!

We hope that, if the reason for wearing a wig is through necessity, that we can demonstrate wigs can be tailored to your style & to alleviate the fear of wearing one.

But styling covers many areas including that of film, theatre, bridal, occasional wear, transgender specific and everyday wear.

The bonus of wearing a wig is you can leave it with us to style! need to sit in a salon chair, get on with your day & pick your hair up when its ready .....(if you can that is , we understand many of our lovely clients may have the one wig they love & want/need to wait for our magic to be complete )

Thank you to all who helped achieve this award & for our customers continued support XxX