Meet the team

Once upon a time in 2008 a young Entrepreneur by the name of Melanie Burrell had a vision. A vision where the experience of finding a wig could be something different from the clinical norm; something unique and glamorous, where those affected by hair loss could feel cared for and important.

After watching her mum fall ill to cancer, and the anticipated hair-loss that followed, Melanie was determined to start something different. And that she did. By 2010 this boss-lady had founded Parrucche.


The woman that started it all; Melanie. Founder, Director and general do-er of everything here at Parrucche. Melanie has been at this game for many years but always challenges herself to find just the right wig for her customers, in particular for those in a vulnerable position due to illness who place so much trust in Melanie to help and guide them to the right look- shes a bit of a perfectionist. Melanie is continually pushing Parrucche to the next level and encourages customers to feedback and tell us what they would like to see in the boutique. When she finally switches Parrucche off for the day, Melanie is a busy Mum to her 3 year old son, and spends time with her friends and family.


It’s a family affair here at Parrucche with our Boutique Manager and Melanie’s mum, Pat at the helm. Pat has been Melanie’s sounding board from initial idea of Parrucche many years ago, to doors opening day to present day. Thus Pat decided to join the Parrucche team to help out and support her daughter (awwww). Pat loves the people aspect to her job, and with her own personal experience of her hair loss due to cancer, Pat can empathise with any person going through a tough time, and ideally would try every wig in the boutique on someone if necessary, to ensure they felt the same as she wanted to when having to wear a wig. Away from Parrucche, Pat enjoys yoga, going walks, socialising with her friends and spending time with her grandchildren.


Our no nonsense, pink haired, senior stylist, Lisa has been with Parrucche for over 2 years now after leaving the world of hairdressing behind. Lisa gets her kicks from helping each person that comes through the front door, knowing that she’s making a difference, especially to those who may be going through a particularly hard time. As a woman of many talents, Lisa is currently developing our selection of men’s wigs, ensuring Parrucche is offering the latest styles and designs in the wig world, look out for updates soon! When she’s not at Parrucche, you’ll find Lisa performing her favourite party trick involving a £1 pound coin (don’t ask!) and spending time with her 3 children.


The lovely Jane has been here at Parrucche for 4 years and counting. Before gracing Parrucche with her wig wisdom, Jane worked in another wig boutique for over 10 years, so it’s fair to say she knows her stuff! Jane never tires of the feeling she gets knowing that she’s helping someone. Jane is also Queen of the custom wigs and will work her magic to create unique, custom pieces for our customers. What a woman. Aside from life at Parrucche, Jane is known to frequent the odd pub with her friends, and spend quality time with her Grandson.


Our newest recruit, Mel (just to confuse matters) has joined the team and heads up reception where she answers phone calls, takes bookings and deals with the admin goings on in the background. Having spent the past year travelling around Australia, Mel is settling back into life here in Glasgow and is delighted to be doing so at Parrucche. She may not be fitting any wigs, but Mel loves being a part of the big picture, knowing that her work is helping people in different circumstances. As if reception isn’t enough, Mel also works alongside Melanie, marketing Parrucche, and promises there are exciting developments ahead (ohhhh!). When Mel isn’t day-dreaming about Australia, you’ll find her banging on her drumkit, reading or spending quality time with family and friends.