Parrucche Pre-loved Wigs

In Episode 3 of Mirror Mirror a topic covered was money & affordability in today's society...Parrucche understands that not everyone can afford new wigs & hairpieces which can be difficult if you suffer hairloss for any reason & need confidence to live the life you want to.

Parrucche have had many wigs donated to our Pre-loved wig bank and a special thanks to Hershesons who have donated many ponytails, hair add-ons, fringes & braids which are nearly new, just unpackaged.

Prices for hairpieces are around £5-£15 & wigs £20 - £50, all sale proceeds from the Preloved wigs and hairpieces goes direct to varies charities.

There is something for everyone whether it be an alternative wig for hairloss, hairpieces for dance groups, tribute artist wigs, college wigs, theatre wigs..come & see..

Our Preloved open event will be Thursday 30th May from 4pm-6pm