Ya Wee C!

Myself & my mum had a great day on the photoshoot of the Ya Wee C! magazine produced by the brilliant Laura Porter of Face& Beauty by Laura Porter (@fab_lauraporter) she wanted to raise awareness on the help available for those going through Cancer & stories from those that have beat the Wee C.. including my mumX

Check out the PDF link below to check out the online version of the magazine :)


Just a wee snippet.....

“Normally a client may give us a call when they are told they are going to have treatment that will cause their hair to come out, and they will ask when is best to come...our answer is as soon as they are ready. But we would say it’s best to come before hair loss for a couple of reasons:

1) So we can see someone's hair style and colour in order to get as close to their style in a wig - if they want to stay similar of course - some people take the opportunity to have a style and colour they could never have with their own hair

2) We want to make sure when someone is choosing a wig it’s not rushed as they “just need something to wear” ...choosing a wig that’s right for you is very important so it’s best to give yourself time and have it ready when you need it.....