Parrucche offers a unique service aimed at men providing both full wigs and hair pieces in both synthetic and human hair, available in many different bases, densities and colours which can be customised to your required needs, all within a private room.

Whilst we have provided a few pictures below, we encourage any man looking to improve or enhance their hair to contact us for more information and/or to book a consultation with us to see what options are available.

Ellen Wille toupee - Jason
Trendco - Aki
Ellen Wille toupee - Jack
Ellen Wille toupee - Jay
Ellen Wille toupee - Jim
Trendco - Aki
hairMANia Brad 1
hairMANia Brad 2
hairMANia George five stars
hairMANia George sport
hairMANia Jack
hairMANia Jason
hairMANia Johnny sport
hairMANia Johnny
hairMANia Justin
hairMANia montur Jack
hairMANia montur Jason
hairMANia Roger