Parrucche have provided many wigs to theatre productions all over the country from small productions in universities, stage schools, colleges and small stage to concert productions, theatre plays including the Pavillion Glasgow and TV dramas.

We have also provided wigs to magazines, for photoshoots for song artists and to a few celebrities which we keep confidential as at Parrucche the reason you wear a wig is your business we want to be your 'go to' place.

Diva Catwalk 1
Diva Catwalk 2
Diva Catwalk 3
Drag advert
Drag catwalk hairpiece
Drag catwalk hairpiece2
Drag catwalk
Emile Sande tribute
Glesga wedding
Glesga wedding 2
Jo Dee
Parruche theatrical shot
Theresa May Wig request for Spoof broadcast
Joker Wig styled/cut to match character

Why come to us? Because we listen to the need and source, cut and customise to meet it. If you are a wardrobe assistant and need something thats not the norm ask us as we can tailor it. Drag artists, we can help source wigs and/or style to meet your Queen needs.

We also provide to our increasing number of tribute artists who know how important their wig is to the credibility of their act, they know they can sing and perform but they want their audience to believe they are watching their idol - they need to look the part. Get in touch if you need our services and we can help promote your act.

Barry Manilow
Elvis front
Elvis side
Frank Sinatra front
Frank Sinatra side
Rod Stewart
Shakin Stevens side
Shakin Stevens front