Parrucche have had many transgendered customers over the past few years and with increasing word of mouth many of which come back time and time again and bring their girlfriends. Parrucche is a unique luxurious wig boutique that understands the needs of our transgender community and that purchasing a wig is the most important expense in compiling a wardrope for your female persona.

No matter what stage you are at with your transition or whether you cross dress the point is to be convincing in your identity as a women, and what you need to achieve this is a wig that best reflects your chosen persona, which will compliment your appearance and and give you the credibility and confidence you need whilst out.

Experienced consultants

Our experienced consultants will help guide you through your options based on your requirements and encourage you to bring ideas and pictures to your consultation. Once your wig has been selected we can size, trim, fit and style until it feels right for you and yes if you want to come 'dressed' thats fine with us, as we know some ladies like can see better how the wig will fit to their overall look.

Why not check out our packages to incorporate a makeup look with your wig. Just give us a call to book you in and let us know what your looking for, we want to help and will give honest opinions to help you make the right choice that suits you.

Our lovely Transgender client Karen shares her story, please click on - Karen to read her story.