Vicki's story

Vicky"The first time I tried on wigs at Parrucche, I have to admit it was a little under duress. Although I had suffered from Alopecia Areata on and off since the age of 24, I had never entertained the idea of a wig or that one day I might be in a position where I would have to wear one.

"I'm sure this is a feeling that many people can resonate with as surely wigs were something to be mocked, made fun of and were a symbol of illness? It was my husband who had suggested I try them on, 'for fun' if nothing else but I was not ready to use the words 'fun' and 'wig' in the same sentence, not when my condition was sapping the fun right out of me with every hair that fell.

"It was that day that I met Melanie for the first time and although she probably sensed I didn't want to be there, she was nothing short of being lovely, welcoming and made me feel normal.

"I now look forward to collecting my new wigs"

"When Melanie told me all about her reasons for opening Parrucche, again I felt at ease and knew if anyone would understand how I was feeling and was needing to be treated, it would be her. And now here I am, a good few years down the line and I can honestly say that I look forward to collecting my prescription for 2 wigs every six months.

"I can't wait to see what colour and style I will go for and we even have what is known as the 'curve ball' wig which is one which Melanie picks out for me, one which wouldn't fall into my usual 'spec'.

"If it wasn't for the care and knowledge of Melanie and her staff I know I would not have this confidence. Going to the correct place and having a great experience from the start is definitely the difference between acceptance of your condition whatever it is or shying away and not living your life because you know what, it's there to be lived … so do it in fabulous hair!"