Karen's Story

"A few of my TG girls had mentioned to me that Parrucche was a trans friendly boutique that understands our needs and suggested I get in touch. I was super nervous about the idea of going into a wig shop because at the time I was sort of new to coming out dressed in public and scared.

"I ended up mustering up the courage and it was a great experience because you can try on a few different styles that fit your face. It's also very educational as well because you can ask the about how to care for your wig etc.

"The lady that dealt with me helped answer my questions and also asked if I wanted assistance to try on the selection we had decided to try or I could do it myself and call her in when needed. I was fine for her to try them on me as I felt relaxed once I was in the boutique and actually felt excited about the chance to try on wigs as opposed to buying online (which I could never get right, either style fit or colour!)

"I wanted a human hair wig as I thought this would the most natural but ended up going with a synthetic blend wig w/ lace front because they last longer, hold up better as well as they are cheaper than a real hair wig. The lady sized this for me to fit my head and also trimmed it a bit as I wanted a fringe and some soft layers to soften my face, I am very happy and have used Parrucche several times. So in conclusion that's what I would recommend if you'd like to find a quality wig that fits you so go for a visit and enjoy yourself!"