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About Parrucche

The boutiqueFor all your hair needs...


Parrucche is a luxury wig and hair boutique dedicated to providing quality products and adopting a unique approach to taking care of the client in a luxurious environment.


In 2008, Melanie's mum was diagnosed with cancer and lost all her hair through chemotherapy treatment and had to wear wigs, but found the experience of wig hunting and buying difficult. Fortunately her mum is doing well now, however her wig experience prompted Melanie to research the wig Industry and products and services on offer and therefore open Parrucche to offer a more unique luxurious experience to women and girls that have suffered hair loss through illness, like her mum.

However, recognising that there are any reasons for requiring a wig or hairpiece – hair loss, a change of look, bridal hairdo, or extensions, Parrucche's focus is on ensuring that every woman leaves the boutique feeling pampered and with a quality product.


We're committed to ensuring the finest fit and maximum comfort for the entire duration of wig wear and are redefining this service as not only a necessity for some, but also as a luxury for a variety of women. We offer on-site consultations, cutting and styling if required and are committed to finding solutions that suit you and your lifestyle.

The boutique

Our boutique premises are discreet, but provide easy access for clients (being on ground level), and face on to The Virginia Court; a mixture of Georgian period buildings at the heart of the well-respected Merchant City. We understand that our clients need some help to ensure that the wig or hairpiece is right for them and our boutique is designed to accommodate this need with private areas, as well as a comfort area for those there to provide support.


What else?

Semi-Permanent Make-up

Parrucche is proud to offer semi-permanent cosmetic enhancements such as eyebrows, eyeliner and lipliners to give your features shape and definition without having to visit your make-up bag again!

Suitable for sufferers of hair loss and allergy sufferers of conventional make-up. Want to know more? Contact Parrucche for further info!


Unique Makeup Artistry

The boutiqueParrucche employs makeup artists who are qualified in the application of theatre, transgender and drag artistry makeup. Aswell as Bridal and makeover packages, Parrucche offers unique consultations for a range of markets.

Contact Parrucche for further details.



To feel and perform your best, you must look your best – and Parrucche is the first step.