Buying a Wig can be a daunting task, as there are so many options available. At Parrucche we are asked many questions and have listed a few of the most commonly asked below and have also given a few little video clips to answer some more.

We are always happy to answer any other questions and can be contacted here.

What type of wig should I buy?

There are many types of wigs available. Please see our Types of Fibres information section for hair types.

The type of wig you choose will depend on your budget, the look you want to achieve, and how often you plan to wear the wig.

And if purchased through NHS prescription, the wig entitlement will be indicated on your prescription.

How do I choose the right colour?

When choosing a wig colour, it’s important to consider your skin tone, eye colour, and natural hair colour. You can also try on different wigs to see which colour looks best on you. Parrucche are here to guide you on colour and style.

How do I know the right size of wig to choose?

Wigs can come in various sizes, in the most part the size can depend on the brand, so an average size may differ from brand to brand, but Parrucche can amend and size your wig to ensure it fits comfortably.

How do I care for my wig?

Caring for your wig is important to keep it looking its best. Please refer to our Wig Care section for more information.

How will my wig stay on?

Once we ensure your wig fits you correctly, it should feel secure enough, however there are generally wig adjusters in all wigs to help you tighten or loosen the fit as necessary.

And there are additional options to wear underneath your wig if you want a little extra security, such as wig liners, nylon caps, wig grips, velvet bands and silicon bands to name a few. Parrucche are here to advise further on these options and their suitability for you.

How long will my wig last?

This will generally vary depending on a few factors including the length, but especially how often you wear it and look after it. A guide for Synthetic Fibre if worn regularly & properly maintained would be around 4 to 6 months (this can vary less or more) and for Human Hair Wigs up to 1 year or more if proper care is applied, but can most definitely vary depending on length and cap construction. Find more information on Cap Constructions here.

How much do your wigs cost?

Our Synthetic wigs & Heat Friendly Synthetic wigs start from £180, our Combined Synthetic/Human Hair wigs range from £400 and our Human Hair Wigs start at £900, we are not an ecommerce site and pride ourselves on our one to one consultations to ensure we meet your needs. Our prices include any sizing, cutting and styling needed for your wig within 2 weeks of your purchase giving you time get familiar with your wig and decide if you need any amendments.

Tips if you’re feeling nervous choosing a Wig

Wig consultation process

How long will a wig last and when to renew your wig

What Wigs are available on the NHS in Scotland?

When should someone experiencing Hair loss come for a Wig?

Why do I love Parrucche?

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Did you know Parrucche offer many ⭐SERVICES⭐ when it comes to wigs?

One of our services is ⭐ Amending and Repairing Wig Caps ⭐

We can help fix:-

✨The wear and tear of you cap
✨Adjustments needed for a perfect fit.
✨Remove wefts and make smaller
✨If a cap has been damaged.

When you have that favourite wig and you don’t want to wear it due to issues with your cap, you can bring it to us and we can see what we can do to help.

All wigs supplied from us have cap amendments included, which can be discussed with your consultant for the T&C’s.

This is where ⭐Parrucche 1 to 1 service is unique⭐. We want all of our customers walking way feeling the best they can, with the best fitting wig for them.

Please contact us if this service would be of interest to you.

* All cap amendments will be reviewed by Parrucche before confirming eligibility *

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Your Votes are in and Dua Lipa’s Oxblood Red Colour is a clear winner of our 2024 Colour Trends! 
@belletresswigs Sangria is the perfect match and just look at the way the light catches it’s deep red tones❤️‍🔥

We thought we’d honour this gorgeous look because unfortunately the colour Sangria is discontinued. 
So, last chance to buy it as we only have one left in stock… 
However, Don’t worry! There is a range of similar styles available at Parrucche💫

This is:- 

🤍Shown in Style: Dolce & Dolce 18 

🤍Made from Heat Friendly Fibre 

🤍Featuring a Monofilament Crown and Extended Centre Lace front

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💫 Introducing Lyndon 💫

One of the new gorgeous styles from the Rene Of Paris Collection 2024.

💫Lyndon has been created with the new Natural Movement fibre from ROP which is a perfect blend of  high-quality synthetic fiber and heat friendly fiber, creating beautiful soft waves.

💫 Cap is wefted with lace front and lace part. The extended lace front also creates a natural look and provides many styling options. 

Shown here in Melted Marshmallow, also available in other colours.

* Please note this is a blended fiber wig, not a heat friendly wig. Treat this fiber as our regular synthetic fiber. 

Available from Parrucche 🤍

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✨ Pick Of the Week ✨

Lisa has chosen the beautiful San Francisco Wig by @belletresswigs 

✨San Francisco has a really lovely cut to it with great texture, it’s a great option for changing up your look for nights out and special occasions. 

Shown in Colour: Beige Linen Blonde

San Francisco is:-

✨Heat Friendly Fibre
✨Wefted Cap with Extended Lace front and left side parting

Available in a selection of colours from Parrucche. 🤍

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